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39 E Elm Street
Greenwich, CT 06830
(203) 869-6008

About Putnam & Vine Wine & Spirits in Greenwich, CT 06830

Putnam & Vine is the product of fulfilling our belief that providing the right wine at the right time can fundamentally enhance one’s life enjoyment. Wine can influence the way in which people experience
their days and evenings, the way friends meet, the way families share, and the way people celebrate! Putnam & Vine takes you on a delectable journey of discovery and desire that will elevate wine and spirits to an experience that can be enjoyed every day. 

Putnam & Vine offers a large selection of high-quality wines from
around the world that are hand selected by our staff, and provides knowledgeable, responsive service and free local delivery available.

We view the customers’ shopping and tasting experiences as paramount. The shop has been built out to better reflect the expectations of our clientele. The sales floor is organized and labeled
to provide the customer with a clear idea of the available wine, spirit, and craft beer selections. Tastings occur weekly and are marketed throughout our website and various social media channels.




Our Dedication

We taste everything.  We curate wines we would drink ourselves and share with friends and family. Unprecedented access to hard-to-secure wines. We proactively reach out to distributors others might not to give you the best selection and price to quality value. We have a dedicated section to the wines of the great Pacific Northwest, and an owner who grew up in the Northwest and is passionate about the region’s wines’ ability to compete on the world stage.

Putnam & Vine Wine Club 

At Putnam & Vine we offer two monthly Wine Club options, Premier Cru and Grand Cru. Both options contain 3 bottles per month. With the availability of such a wonderful variety of wines at Putnam & Vine, we can promise none will be duplicated. We want you to explore what we’ve curated, and all packages will include detailed tasting notes for each wine.  Let your exploration begin!


One of a Kind Events

Designed expressly for you to explore, our quarterly events will focus on both wine and spirits and introduce you to geographic regions, grapes, spirits and producers that you might not be familiar with, but that all have the most important attribute of all – they taste great!

Our approach to wine and spirits retailing mixes the old with the new, a traditional wine shop with a splash of sophistication. The shop is a destination for anyone wanting something special, whether for a particular celebration or any ordinary day. Putnam & Vine appeals to those wanting a twist on traditional favorites and first-rate recommendations. In a world filled with savvy, thirsty, discerning patrons, Putnam & Vine lures you in and beckons you back with spot-on suggestions and a shopping experience second to none.

We are committed to excellence, in our everyday interaction with customers, with our selection of wines and spirits, and through our unparalleled customer service. We will offer what this area hasn’t yet experienced with their wine and spirit needs: spot on inventory selection, fair pricing, incomparable wine events, same day delivery, and phenomenal customer service. In short, we will offer the consumer what they want in a way that delivers beyond their highest expectations. Putnam & Vine is a destination location delivering an extraordinary shopping experience and superior choices for the Greenwich community’s wine and spirit needs.


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